To tell you I am disappointed with Enterprise would be an understatement. For years, whenever I needed a car, I called you folks. I can tell you, this was the last time. I had an accident in NJ and was in need of a rental. I asked if there was an Enterprise nearby. I had some very nice people and left for DE with a Ford Explorer (the same vehicle I had an accident with). It was nice; I didn have to learn anything new and was already comfortable with the vehicle. I was then told that I had to renew my paperwork, because insurance was no longer contributing 15 per day. I stopped in to Delaware Cadillac in Wilmington. Spent 1 hrs. There. The person was nice, but had clearly been placed in a satellite location and each time we had to do something; I had to wait for a phone call to be made to his superiors. This became frustrating, especially since I had an appointment. All (I thought) was done, and then the young man said, This car has been sold. I said, what does that mean? He said I will have to get you another car. I explained that I had car seats in this one and said I would come back in 2 hours. He made a call AGAIN, and said, Ã? Æ? Ã? ¢Ã? ¯Ã? ¿Ã? ½Ã? ¯Ã? ¿Ã? ½I am sorry, I canÃ? Æ? Ã? ¢Ã? ¯Ã? ¿Ã? ½Ã? ¯Ã? ¿Ã? ½t let you leaveÃ? Æ? Ã? ¢Ã? ¯Ã? ¿Ã? ½Ã? ¯Ã? ¿Ã? ½. I explained that I only needed this car for another 5 days, and if we had to change it out, would prefer an Explorer. I was offered a Buick only more money! At that point, I picked up the keys and said Ã? Æ? Ã? ¢Ã? ¯Ã? ¿Ã? ½Ã? ¯Ã? ¿Ã? ½call the police.Ã? Æ? Ã? ¢Ã? ¯Ã? ¿Ã? ½Ã? ¯Ã? ¿Ã? ½ I then received a call from his Ã? Æ? Ã? ¢Ã? ¯Ã? ¿Ã? ½Ã? ¯Ã? ¿Ã? ½bossÃ? Æ? Ã? ¢Ã? ¯Ã? ¿Ã? ½Ã? ¯Ã? ¿Ã? ½. I was told I could have the Buick after my temper, was told I could have it for the same price as the Explorer. I was assured he would be there when I came by to change cars, he was not. I told him I did not want the Buick, he offered to give me numbers for Enterprise to call around. Unreal.

My bill; was $896.62 until this happened, I was then charged an additional $280.42 for my week with the Buick. I would love to see if you really cherish your customers, or it is just talk.

The biggest loss to any business is the customer that never returns.

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