Unfortunately I had to go through my insurance company to get a rental car and they deal with Enterprise. The Enterprise on Sisson Street in Baltimore City, Maryland has really poor customer service. The agent who helped me left the terminal to answer another call, then they put me in a dirty car with stains on the seats. I was tired and just wanted to get home so I said I would like to make a reservation for the next day at 8am to exchange cars. The agent said that would be fine. When I went the next day at 8am, they took two other people ahead of me, although I had a reservation. Then I was told that I didn't have a reservation in their system at all! When she did find my reservation (yes, it was there but overlooked) I was told that no cars in the style that I was looking for was available. What was the purpose of making the arrangement, going in at 8am and then finding out that nothing was available. Their agents need to learn their job better. To top it off, the agent had a "I could care less attitude." Well I could care less about renting again from Enterprise. I would rather pay out of my own pocket than to deal with this car company again.

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