We had an online reservation for Enterprise. I also called to speak with the company to ensure we would have everything we needed for our rental. The lady on the phone said as long as we had a credit/debit card we would be okay and if we didn't we would have to put a $500 deposit down. I told her we did and that the deposit would be okay regardless. When we got to the rental office as soon as it opened there was a large line. We had an 8-hour drive with our 3 toddlers so wanted to get an early start.

After waiting for over an hour we were told by Shiela (the assistant manager) that we could not rent with our cards at all. All our bank accounts through credit/debit were linked to a checking account and their system could not choose credit. The deposit would not work. We had to have another person with a credit card only come. We had to have my sister in law drive all the way down there and present her card to pay. Then they told us we had to pay an additional $180 to list her as a driver even though she was not even going to be coming with us.

We were supposed to have an AAA discount and showed the card to Sheila. We returned our car 3 days ago and my sister in law, not only did not receive her deposit back, but they say we did not return the car. I sent her the receipt and told her we did not get our AAA discount. She said it was not noted at the time of pick up even though we had it at the time. I told her I can send her the card to prove it again. She said that would not work. She was very rude on the phone and unhelpful. We rented a car for almost 2 weeks and rented cars from them 6 times this year. We manage travelers all over the world with our business and will def stop recommending them.

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