We rented a car for our 2-day trip. When we collected the car the company could not find it in the carpark. I had to make a few expensive calls to get the car and then go back to the desk. After well over an hour and a half (our trip was short so this was a long time to wait) they managed to find the car which was in a different car park. We weren't given the option of the car being cleaned so took it as it was.

I wrote to Enterprise to complain about the poor service and they offered me a discount next time we used the Cologne Enterprise – seemingly this was just a trick to get us to rebook as when we tried to use the discount they wouldn't give it to us and so booked using a company that we didn't like for full price! I complained again and they haven't even bothered to respond, in over a month and I emailed the Manager direct – not impressed.

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