We used to be frequent renters, at least twice a year for travel and when our own car needed to be in the shop. This time, we were told to ignore a warning light. Later that day, the car broke down in the middle of the busiest roundabout in our city at 5 pm. The local office refused to talk to me because my voice was too loud with horns honking all around us and my adult autistic child beginning to panic in the back seat. Roadside Assistance refused to send a wrecker, telling me instead to get the police officer, who was directing traffic around us, to call a wrecker and send Enterprise the bill.

I used AAA and requested some answers from Enterprise. For a couple of weeks, they kept promising to explain the policies behind all of this and then eventually stopped contact. 6 weeks later, I still have no answers and we also got charged for the full 24 hours even though the car broke down after 6 hours. Lesson learned, we are now a two-car family.

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