I rarely receive child support. I have a 10 yr old daughter fighting cancer and need all the extra money I can get. I work 2 jobs and have 4 other kids to care for. Recently their dad started paying for some of her meds and since he is 28546 dollars behind he sends the money thru child support. This EPPICard holds my money for weeks before they release it. I called child support and they told me they released my money once they got it. I called FL EPPICard 2 times and could not get anyone but I did get charged for each call.

I am now speaking with a lawyer because for some odd reason they keep saying, "Oh your card was fraudulently used in Indiana and Washington." I live in Jacksonville, FL. I never leave because all of my daughter's treatments are here and in Gainesville. FL EPPICard is a scam and should be shut down. I have to go take out a loan to pay for my baby meds now. Talk about helping kids more like helping themselves… Shame on you FL EPPICard.

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