Epson XP810 Printer Problems – Waste Ink Reset – Head Cleaning: THE BEST PRINTER ADVICE YOU WILL EVER GET: Unless you want to spend a fortune on ink cartridges, the ONLY way to "own" an Epson printer is to use either refillable cartridges or install a continuous ink system. If the cartridges move in the printer when printing you will need to use refillable cartridges. If only the print heads move (and cartridges remain fixed) you should install a continuous ink system. Additionally, you will need to install an external ink waste container and expect to purchase waste ink pad reset keys on a regular basis (like every six months). Expect to frequently do "head cleanings" to keep all of the colors working.

Note that an Epson retail cartridge will empty in about 5 head cleanings. The printer works well (when it's working) but it takes a lot of care to keep it that way. The printers are inexpensive because the maintenance is expensive (cartridges and ink pad resets). Obviously Epson makes most of its money selling ink cartridges, not the printers.

And NEVER EVER EVER EVER (is that clear enough?) NEVER update the printer software. You will need to disable the automatic checking for software updates when you install the printer driver. If you update the software you will NEVER be able to use non-Epson ink products in the printer. I would not purchase another Epson printer unless the ink cartridges were stationary and I could install a continuous ink system. Of course, I am now on my 4th Epson printer and still using Epson because I am used to dealing with the "unruly child". One more piece of advice – ALWAYS purchase the in-store extended warranty plan (preferable for 3 years or more). Don't purchase either the printer or service plan on-line. Your printer WILL be going back to the store at some point – guaranteed – and you don't want to pay shipping charges.

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