I like Epson products. Was very pleased with one I purchased several years ago and gave it away. Know why? You have the worst customer service I have ever encountered. Then like a fool I bought another one last week, ending up speakingwith three different tech support people. The last one, speaking the best English, was the onlky actually address and solved the problem. Now I have another problem, connected to printer, again. Today I tried a tech person and found one who kept telling me I was wrong, basically didn't know what I was talking about and when I tried to explain said"no, listen…" I said "have a nice day" and hung up. Can anyone answer my question? For tech people it should be easy. I have tried the manual on line as well and can't find an answer. Would appreciate a reply asap for this is keeping me from completelky a work project. Either fix it or take it back please. Thanks for any help you can offer.

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