Called to discuss a dispute, I was told in poor English that I would have to fax my social security card and bank statement for proof of who I was. Asked about scanning and email but told "No" due to strict security procedures they would only use a fax as emails can be hacked. I faxed the documents to the fax number and was told to wait 2 days before someone would update the system with proof of my ID from the fax. Called 2 days later to be told they never received my fax despite having a successful fax transmission report. Was told to send another fax and given 3 numbers. Then told to wait up to 3 days before someone would have updated the system.

Called 3 days later, so 5 days in total waiting for them to receive a fax and update their system. They had received one of the faxes. I would be interested to understand where the other faxes ended up within Equifax, given their strict security procedures! Bottom line, staff I spoke with seemed pretty incompetent at best, the process of dealing with an issue is totally flawed and I pity anyone who has to deal with them.

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