We bought a vehicle in eBay and we have to transport it from California to New York. We saw that eShip has good reviews and they have a free quote option which we availed. Their sales team were responsive. But I wasn't necessarily 100% happy with the outcome of everything. Our car came late. The delivery process took ten days when it was supposed to be here in seven. There was also grease inside the truck, on the seat and on the floor, so I spoke to the shipper about it. He said the car carrier never came and so some guy came and drove off with it. It wasn't insured and registered. I think that was irresponsible. I'm not trying to put anybody out of business but it wasn't a great experience. EShip doesn't even know about this part yet because we just found this out yesterday when we called to complain about the way that the truck was received.

There were also a lot of inconsistencies. I asked for a partial refund and originally I was told I was getting $200 back but I ended up with $100. The broker made me feel guilty for wanting to take another $100. He said he shouldn't have to give me a refund because he's not the one who did it. I said, "But you are responsible. You're the broker who picked this terrible company to haul my car so you should be accountable." I'm not into robbing people of their livelihood but they didn't deliver like they were supposed to. So I wasn't thrilled with eShip and I wouldn't use them again.

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