I would reccomend to be very careful of eTeacherHebrew and NEVER to trust them! They sell products and "packages", the prices differ in spoken and written form, even in 80 USS. – When purchased the Ulpan, they cheated with the original price and their "reduction", in written offer were different numbers, when offered by phone they said again different prices and in the "bill" there was again different price. – Offered number of lessons was different from number of lessons when applied. Noone in customer service spoke about vacations. I got offer for 1 year of lessons, in real they shortened it crazily to 8 months, plus they added vacations. – There was no term of proper level, so I had to wait 2 months for the term of study program. When "recruited", they promised the possibility anytime to change to different term of the same level, according to my time possibilities. When the term was scheduled (in 2 months), I got info that there is no other terms and new ones will be scheduled in other crazy time. After these 2 months changed my time possibilities, thats why I couldnt participate in the lessons (except of once), so after another 6 weeks I got reccomendation to go to new terms they got, with "extra" price for me, that was more that half of original price. – Ordered product Yanshuv started to be sent properly, but I never got any information about "vacation" when it will not be sent, for this I had always to call few times and the answer I got only after 4 phonecalls. When they stopped sending again, I wrote to them and explained which number I got as the last one and required to get the missing numbers. The answer I got from them was … request for explaining which numbers are missing … Even as extra Im getting now spam e-mails how they are transfering this info to different department… – Ordered product Babylon – I never got the direct link to download the program, when you go through the page of the producer, you download just the free version, still with warning of few antiviruses, that its a infected item! I didnt get any licence number and password. When I informed eTeachers, so they always complained that its different department etc. Only after many phonecalls I got information that I should "create my own licence number and password", to send it to them and they will program it. Never heard bigger nonsense, they obviously are trying even to affect my privacy. From purchase to getting the licence data it took 2 months! – The system of eTeachers is very bad – when they send e-mails, often you dont get any e-mail from them. I have few proves and evidences, when they sent me e-mails from their system and I didnt get it at all, or just in 6-7 hours. When they sent me the same e-mails from their private e-mails, I got them immediatelly. One of customer service representants was all the time very arogantly insisting that they sent me few times and I received the e-mails for sure. When I asked her who is she to try to accuse me from lying, she behaved even worse, so I had to start to shout at her and I called her the liar and cheater, as the whole company. – Customer service is very non-professional, lying and mostly arrogant. You can NEVER trust what they say, they are ALWAYS CHEATING and LYING! – They dont respect anything and anyone and seems to be that they dont use the brain. When they call, always from different numbers (New York, Paris, Tel Aviv, Riga, Montpellier, hidden number) – does it give the sense to call once and when not answered to call immediatelly again??? Most probably if the customer cant answer, he will not be able to answer 5 seconds later? And to call 20 times a day??? – They always call even on Shabbat. When I informed them few times that it is not ok, they informed me that it will not happen again, they wrote it to system – LIARS! – they called on shabbatot again and even on High Holidays (15 – 20 times a day! ) – this is crazy arrogancy and CHUTZPA! – Having such experiences, in the end (after few months) I refused to answer their phonecalls and wrote them I dont allow them to contact me via phone anymore, just via e-mail, because they always lie and I want to have written prove. No answer and in few days they called me again few times. I dont know, but according to my information, when you take back the right to call to someones phone, in Czech Republic (where Im from) and Israel (and I guess also in USA) is prohibited to harass the people. – They never solve the problem, on everything they write that they did whatever they needed to do in order to reach me but they couldn't… Nonsense. When they cant reach a person, they just should write and thats all. If I would call them, anyway they have no info for me and they always just mixing facts, you never get to the same person and they always say they will call you. Im working hard so I cant wait whole day long for some cheater to call me whenever he/she just has time. – I was their customers already few years ago. I was very satisfied with the teacher and with their services. Then they started to be very business oriented and started to cheat. Never sent the e-mails, never got from them any information about lessons and they charged my credit card even if they werent allowed. When I complained, they never reacted or they started to attack me that everything is my fault. Stopped to contact them. Since I got information that everything changed in their system and they spread the info about new owners etc., I went into this again – but as I can see, the things became even worse and eTeachers became eTreachers, one big scam. – This time will demand my money back and I will not let them to steal anymore. Even if it will take me long time and a lot of work with my bank and card providers like Visa and MasterCard. Wandering what eTeachers will do when both of those companies will rate them as non-reliable partner? My reccomendation? STAY AWAY FROM THEM!

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