'Ethan Allen is much more than a retailer', says a proud statement at the website.indeed it is. It is also my worst retail experience in US so far. Most of the items are highly overpriced. The explanation is exclusivity. That is total bollocks and could even be funny if not the sales people. They are called 'designer consultant' prepared to drill a hole in one's head about EA exceptional product, which one should be happy & honored to buy.

Wanted to buy dining table at the Ethan Allen shop in Manchester CT. Knew exactly what I wanted. Didn't need a 'designer' who would happily annoy me with her/his suggestions. Got a 'designer' anyway, because there is no option to do without. Had a conversation. Returned next day with my husband to show him the piece. My 'designer' was off that day, so we had to have an experience with a designer consultant Mark. Mr. Announced that he is not our 'designer' so he cannot really help us. I replied that I didn't want a designer, but simply to buy a table. We exchanged opinions, the conversation got heated. Mr. Acted like a drama queen. Self-importance galore.

How more ridiculous could be a situation where the salesperson tries to impose his superior demeanor on you instead of a mere practical assistance. And where?! In glorious town of Manchester, CT:-) So here am I: Nicosia, Dubai, Hong Kong, Beirut, Milan, New York, Rio, Sydney, London, Tokyo, Boston and finally in Manchester CT. I am subtly scolded and explained how things work in glamorous world of Ethan Allan. I feel lost. On a practical note: my husband got pissed off, we are not buying a table, I am writing official letter of complaint to the management. Oh and I read the customer reviews… Heaven forbid if I ever set a foot into this shop again.

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