I bought a "vintage vase" from a shop called FunkyFreshSheik, in Worcester, Massachusetts. I placed the order on 10/21, that day they charged my card. And that was it. Never any tracking information, my purchase never arrived. I tried contacting the seller numerous times with absolutely no response, not even an excuse. Just radio silence. I was trying to give them the benefit of the doubt. But on 11/9 I opened a "case" with Etsy. Still nothing. I got an automated email saying the case was open and that was it. I left several messages within the case. Still nothing. So I "escalated" the case. Still nothing. Finally days later, I got a prescripted email from an admin named "Logan" that said I HAD to give the seller time to respond and that he would "check back in a week".

Maybe I'm wrong here, but why am I being treated like I'm the one in the wrong, when someone STOLE from me? Etsy has refused to do anything. I've requested a call back numerous times, I've emailed any email address associated with Etsy that I can find. And no one has even bothered to acknowledge me. I will never do anything with Etsy ever again. Their business practices are completely backwards and they are just as big thieves as their sellers. This site should be shut down.

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