I have opened a shop with etsy, to sell homemade rings that my friends designs — we are handmade. I searched on their page and many people were selling similar product. Next day I got this email from Etsy:

"Thank you for your interest in selling on Etsy. Unfortunately, it looks like the items listed in your shop don’t qualify to be sold on Etsy. Because of this, your shop has been suspended. Etsy is a marketplace with specific policies about what can be sold, and we take these policies very seriously. All items for sale must fit into one of our three main categories – Handmade, Vintage, and Craft Supplies. Upon review of your account, we found the following non-qualifying items: Commercial or resold items listed in our Handmade category. All items that you list in our Handmade category must created by you, the seller, or a member of your shop. As a result of this, we are unable to approve your shop for selling on Etsy. Please do not open any new accounts as they will be closed without notice. We’re sorry we are unable to accommodate your items, but wish you the best in finding a more appropriate venue for your items."

That's absolutely BS. They charged me to get the shop, but now they just decide to close. I will never use their page again.

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