This company has been a hellish night-mare from the on-set. Purchased LV and Gucci products via this site and non of the items were as described, to the point that I had my bank reverse the payment, with regards to one particular item! The other items were either "stinky / dirty, " without serial numbers, even though it was being sold as new, not to mention their non-availability, which forces you to deal with their fraudulent sellers, while they further mis-treatment you, via the inbox conversation (B/S). I find both Etsy & the sellers, with whom I have dealt, to be seriously "trifling!" Lastly, because these were name brand items I have chosen to send them directly to the company, instead of returning it back to the seller, as I have already paid for the item and it is mine to do with, as I please, not to mention that the companies should know how that their brand is being very badly, misrepresented!

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