I have just come across a complaint regarding Eurotech Football Academy in the UK. Let me start by saying that the content detailed is totally and utterly untrue. My boy attended Eurotech Academy for nearly 18 months from 2014 to late 2015 and he enjoyed the experience hugely and although his dream of being a soccer player was not granted he learnt valuable skills on and off the field for which I am eternally grateful. I read words like scam and fraud, my son went on tour with Eurotech Academy twice to Northern Ireland so I have no idea why or how people can say they are are scam….impossible!! As for Paul Grey, my experience with him was a very good one as he genuinely goes out of his way to help players not just with Football but general day to day living skills and thats something that's invaluable for a teenage boy. My son is desperate for a return to Eurotech Football Academy later this year. As for the complainers what they are saying is simply not true and very harsh. I spent over 25000 Dollars on Eurotech and have no regrets. I totally recommended Eurotech Football Centre for a great experience. They have a lot of good reviews and only 3 not good ones. I think they deserve the benifit of the doubt.

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