Expedia may once have been an okay travel agent but they now are the worst in the business. I have lost so much money and been so frustrated dealing with Expedia that I will never book with them again. The last two times booked with them they got the flight times wrong. I had to call customer service… Which is something you never want to do. After waiting on long lineups I finally got a real person. They told me I could change my flight but it would cost me a lot of money, even though the airline rules said there was no charge and Expedia policy states they don't add charges. They do and they did. Then they made me call the airline and make the changes myself. I had flight insurance that Expedia sold me but Expedia said it was nothing to do with them so I should contact the insurer directly. I did and could not get anyone. Changing my flight cost me 400 dollars plus 40 dollars on useless cancellation insurance.

This is the second time in one year I have been worked over by this useless company. I will never use them again. And this year is not the first time. I recall trying to change my flight from Thailand and being put on hold, long distance, for an hour then hung up on. I recall last year they never completed my booking and I had to get the plane delayed while they sorted out how to make a ticket. These people are completely hopeless. Do yourself a favor and book with the airline, not these guys…

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