First thing, I don't travel much so when I do, I don't want to be going through 2-3 connections at different airports. I hate airports and want to spend as little time as possible there. I spent the extra money to fly from Atlanta to Key West for the power boat races as we do every year. We make one stop in Miami or Ft. Lauderdale, coming and going. It's simple.

This year I purchased the exact same flights as usual and didn't think anything else about it. While on my vacation enjoying myself, I get the email from Expedia saying my return flight had been changed and have to go from Key West to Orlando, Orlando to Miami, then Miami to Atlanta. It seems to me that a 2 year old could plan something better than that. I call them and ask her if she can do anything for me because I spent more on purpose so I didn't have to deal with connections. She goes on to tell me that she is sorry but for another $200 she can get me back on a one connection trip but the times won't be the same and that's all she can do. This is absolutely ridiculous. I will never purchase another flight through this joke of a company and will run their name into the ground every chance I get. Save yourself the time, energy, and aggravation and use another "travel agency". These people are a joke.

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