I booked a flight through Expedia and received a confirmation – not via email but on the webpage itself. It took credit card etc. It said I did not need to do anything else. On the basis of this confirmation, I booked train from venice to rome, where my flight left from, and hotel in Dublin, my next destination. The next night, which was the night before the flight I went back to website to see how I get confirmation/boarding pass for airline to be greeted with message saying that the advertised airfare was incorrect and that it had gone up by 130 euros – did I wish to proceed. This notification was not emailed to me, it was posted on their website.

I contacted customer services straight away as this left me stranded in Italy with no flight booked. I was continually cut off and the original information which said the airfare had gone up was wiped with the outcome that following the first phone call which was disconnected, subsequent reps said they could not find it. I had the option of another flight at the time I went through Expedia but chose the latter as it was slightly cheaper. The night before the flight the airfares were considerably higher.in the time that I was speaking, or rather not speaking with Expedia, they went up even more.

The fact that I had a confirmation once I had supplied my credit card details, with a note saying it was nonrefundable etc, has been wiped means they are trying to void any responsibility of sending me a confirmation. Thus, even if you book a fare, and it gets confirmed, does not mean that it is confirmed and it can be cancelled without any further notification leaving you stranded and unaware. If this were a young person traveling, the potential dangers of them being stranded do not bear thought. Expedia utilize your call to expunge any evidence so they can argue they are not liable, I assume, as they so far have not been able to complete a call with me.

I will be using travel agents or direct airline booking from now on. Please be very aware that unless you have a boarding pass emailed to you, whatever you are told regarding this, you do not have a confirmed fare even if you are told it is confirmed on the website. They will offer no assistance and will delete any evidence. Do not use expedia if you want secure and confirmed travel arrangements.

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