I booked a rental car thru Expedia when my son had his car accident. I did the research, booked the reservation and talked to them. At no point did anyone or anything say that the payment method had to be under the name of the person renting the vehicle. Not sure why that matters anyway. When I got the reservation in my email the day before I noticed that statement and called and cancelled the rental. Expedia had already charged my credit card for the extra insurance even though the vehicle was still on the lot. I was not scheduled to even pick it up until the next day. The rental was cancelled directly with the rental company without any issue at all and the actual rental was not charged to my card.

After several unsuccessful attempts by phone I emailed Expedia who told me I have to call (even though the email included a receipt). I made several more calls where I was on hold a very long time and eventually hung up. I disputed it through my credit card company but Expedia has since put the charge through again. I can't get in touch with anyone. When I call I just sit on hold for unacceptable periods of time. (I was on hold 20 minutes several times and finally hung up). That is not customer service. It is not my fault that nobody ever answers the phone, this is how they illegally charge people. They were notified in writing but if I can't get thru they don't have to refund the money.

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