I give you a 0
First the unsolicited prices are a joke, as they do not let you choose the room/bed size. When I called the hotel that we "got" they told me I got the tiniest room available with a double bed. My husband is 6'5".. No way has he slept in a double bed since he was 12. Of course they are a 4 star. According to the unsolicited. And there is no money back. Which is a rip off to say the least! BUT they can take more money, getme my rrom with a bed our size andlater refund our money to us… But not for 5 days (the extra we had to pay to get the right size bed… And then in the m, iddle of the conversation. They hang up on us. Calling back is redundant. And asking for a supervisor is redundant and they ask you to call back in an hour so they can sort it out. I will NEVER book on Expedia again and I warn all to not take a change on the 4 start. Surprise hotels. Unsolicited. They may be nice but Expedia does not make good decisions in terms of getting you a room that meets your needs. And where are they outsourced too. Hello does anyone speak English anymore!!!

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