I have booked through Expedia for years because I have been an easy customer who does not complain or cancel/change reservations. I booked a flight from San Francisco to Newark on Nov. 10 for a certain amount 12 pm. The next morning the same exact itinerary dropped in price on their website. I called customer service to try to get the best price guarantee and was told to cancel and reserve a new reservation. After several attempts on his end, he could not book the new reservation. The page was still showing the cheaper price for a different arrival flight. I authorized him to book me on that flight instead. Then he tells me that the price is different again! I pulled it up on my screen and saw that the cheaper price was still showing for me. He then told me to screenshot it and submit to the better price claim knowing it was a different arrival flight.

The next day I get an email stating that they denied my claim because the flight was different, but I expressed explicitly to the agent that the flights were different beforehand. So why tell me to do the claim? He should have just cancelled the flight. So far I spent over 3 hours on the phone collectively trying to fix THEIR mistake. Just like Margaret's review below, they insisted on blaming the consumer! I kept repeating how their representative misled me with incorrect information and advised me to do go through the claim knowing I would not receive the credit. These calls are recorded so I insisted on them listening back to the call so they can hear how the representative lied to me. They said they do not have reason for requesting the recording. I cannot believe how their call center and even their corporate representative would rather give customers a horrible experience rather than budging on a couple of dollars!

After coming across several other horrible reviews and hearing stories about other people's experiences with Expedia, it is now clear to me that we should never deal with Expedia. They will keep losing customers. They should understand that a consumer's bad experience will spread to everyone they know and others will fear booking from their site.

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