I purchased a ticket from Expedia and decided to change the date of the returning flight. Before making any purchase, I always read the terms and conditions for any hidden surprises. When I called the airline to make the change they told me that the flight was a non-changeable flight and that I needed to address this situation with Expedia directly since I purchased the ticket through them. Read the electronic ticket terms sent by Expedia again before calling them. There was nothing in their terms that said that the flight was non-changeable. Yes non-transferable and non-refundable but not non-changeable.

When I called them and explained the situation they said exactly the same thing "that the ticket was non-changeable" and that my only option was to purchase a new ticket. When I asked why this was not stipulated in their terms all they told me was that these were the airline terms which are not shown on the ticket. They did not helped me in any way. The only thing they said they were able to do for me was to help me purchased a new ticket which I did not do because it was at full fare. These people are not looking to help their customers in any way, not even when they are responsible for the situation. Next time I will book directly with the airline to avoid this situation.

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