I recently purchased a vacation to Vegas for 2. Tight schedule for both and a much needed getaway. I purchased the flights, the Bellagio airport transfers, and trip insurance. Total for 3 days… Over 1000. I found out I have to cover someone at work (hospital/12 hr shifts) a day before we are scheduled to return. So I called to take advantage of the insurance which states that 1 change can be made prior to departure.

Well, like so many complaints before me, the run around… Wanting to charge me more… When the hotel will actually be cheaper. All I wanted was to move the dates from a Monday departure to a day earlier… A Sunday. I have been insulted, ignored, given quotes from another policy. This is just another revenue stream for them. It's a SCAM. I will never book with them again and be happy to tell of my experience to all of Tenet corporation so they can take it off our benefits page of preferred providers.

We believe in customer service and satisfaction, Expedia does the opposite. They are horrible, deceiving scammers. Oh and to top it off, while they are telling me how much more money it was going to be… The airline tickets were not even confirmed yet. And I also got the excuses about nonrefundable, transferable… Etc… I said "What? Then why would you sell me vacation insurance if I couldn't use it?" Oh, but I can use it and they will help me with the credit card # they have on file. I said "Hell no." Get a supervisor… I was transferred to a Chris (female, outsourced), that's when the emails started. Scam.

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