I traveled with American Airlines returning to Nashville on 11/21/2015. This was a horrible experience. I was stuck in the airport in Chicago for over 15 hours and worst of all we boarded the plane at8.30 pm, originally we should have left at 1:15 pm. Once on the plane 3152, we sat there for over3 hours. The communication with airlines to the customers were appalling. I paid extra for my seat and was not accomadated! We were told lied the entire18 hours of being stuck at the airport. After sitting on the plane for two hours, we were given a granola bar. I would never recommend this airline to anyone, it was very unprofessional. When I finally arrived in Nashville, Tn iwas 18 hours later, my feet was swollen and I had no rest for 24 hours. I feel that everyone on this flight should have been compensated.

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