In mid October 2015 I booked two tickets from Freeport/Bahamas to Ft. Lauderdale (35 minutes / $635 flights!) with Expedia. On Nov. 10,2015 they informed me that my return flight has being changed from a 35 minute non stop flight to a stop over flight via Nassau/Bahamas for about 12 hours – plus overnight! Naturally, I was not taking this flight and clicked on the call back bottom of the e-mail. After waiting for hours for a call back I decided to book a similar trip with another Airline since there are limited seats to the Islands, so I booked 2 complete flights with Delta returning one day later – but in the morning.

Still waiting for their phone call next day I decided to contact them instead. It was not easy to communicate with their agent but after repeatedly being left for long times on the phone the line was disconnected. Since the agent had all the information incl. My number – I expected a call back after the bookings where corrected. When no one called for quite a awhile, I called again and explained everything to another agent all over again and asked her to cancel my previous reservation since it would have been obsolete. She promised to send the confirmation and left me on the phone for over 30 minutes when the line disconnected again.

Next morning I tried again and ask for a supervisor. Again after a long time on the phone – she confirmed that she changed the reservation and would sent me an e-mail acknowledgement (never arrived!). When I ask her for a refund for the extra bookings I made – she answered that the 24 hrs. Cancellation policy had expired and she has no possibility to refund ($867) being charged to my credit card. She even acknowledged that this whole problem started because of them not calling back and apologized – but she was unwilling to refund the money and wished me a good day!!!

I am so shocked over this treatment that I wanted to complain – but I found no e-mail address for EXPEDIA??? How could they do that to a gold member with continues overseas flights to Europe (even in business class)? This would be definitely be my last booking with such a company it the funds are not refunded. How could they get away with such shabby customer treatment???

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