My wife and I booked a long weekend vacation package in Las Vegas through Though it's unusual for us to do so, we also paid for the extra "trip protection" which was supposed to allow us to cancel for any reason and receive a refund. Unfortunately we ended up having to cancel as my wife's father passed away shortly before we were supposed to leave. Expedia refunded us for the hotel and told us we had a "credit" with Sun Country Airlines for the flights. They also mentioned that when we rebooked new flights we would be charged a change-fee but Expedia would refund us that amount as our trip protection covered it.

Turns out that Expedia doesn't show most Sun Country flights, so even though we found a flight we wanted to Sun County's website, Expedia didn't show it. After calling Expedia, they instructed us to book directly with Sun Country then contact them with the receipts for getting a refund on the change fee. After booking through Sun Country I contacted Expedia and was sent an email by their customer service asking me to respond with the receipts showing the change fee. Did that and received no response to that email or my follow ups. Then I called again and was told I had to fax the receipt instead of email. Did that and received no response. Weeks later I called again and was told that Expedia didn't handle the refund, I had to call the company that oversaw the trip protection (Aeon) and they provided me a number.

Called Aeon and was told that no, it was in fact Expedia who was supposed to refund me and to take it up with them. Bottom line, my wife and I are still out the $200 in change fees for our tickets months later despite purchasing the "trip protection" and Expedia seems very determined to not do anything for us. Definitely will not use Expedia again. Buyer beware… Their "Trip Protection" is anything but…

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