On Nov 03,2014, I booked a trip through EXPEDIA. I called to cancel my trip because the area I was flying to was affected by the hurricane and most of the hotels were closed due to the damage. I never got a cancellation email of my flight. It appeared on my future trips in My Account on Expedia's website. I've called customer service 4 times, navigating the difficult telephone menus designed such that you never talk to a human being. Each time I got a hold of a human being, was transferred from one department operator to the next each one saying they can't help me and that some other department handles issues related to my missing flight. Each time I was transferred, the call was dropped after 15-30 minutes of elevator music.

This is the worst customer service I have thus come across. They offer no help and each time tells me what I already know. I don't have a flight coming up. I called to re-book my flight 7 days after the date I purchase and they have told me there is nothing that can be done. I gifted $914.00 to them and US Airways. I will continue to post until something is done about this matter. It is horrible practice for companies to take your money and not be held to a higher standard of clear customer service.

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