We booked a flight from Buenos Aires to Patagonia on Expedia and the airline LAN changed the return date of the flight to the next day so that we would not be able to make another flight to Rio which we had also booked on Expedia. I called Expedia to let them know that the flight change would not work. After spending about 5 hours on the phone with them being bumped around, put on hold for 1 hour while they tried to reach corporate, we were informed that the only thing they could do was cancel the flight and return our money. The prices of flights had gone up in since then so we were unable to book a comparable ticket. Also I was able to book the exact same flight again on Expedia (for a flight I was told was cancelled) 3 days later which Expedia told me would not be possible. I have been put on hold once again for 1/2 hour so far as I call to try to sort through this once again.

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