I purchased an Experian Credit Report on June 21,2014 for $9.95 and on June 21,2014, I logged in for the one and only time to Experian to download my Credit Report. I have never logged in since. I have since discovered that they enrolled me into a membership continuity program that I did not want, know about, or use. Yet, has been billing me $9.95 every month since for a total of 16 months. It was not properly disclosed to me at the time of purchase of the credit report nor did I receive any on-going communication, email, receipts, for this monthly continuity program that I did not sign up for, authorize, or use.

Today, November 4,2015, I looked at bank records for an account that I don't check often and discovered this unauthorized set of transactions. I immediately called Experian Customer service and spoke to both Bret and his supervisor Jil, corporate, who cancelled the account today. But they were unwilling to provide me with a refund beyond this most recent month of $9.95. That is unacceptable. I still require a refund for 15 months of unauthorized charges. Experian refuses to provide me a refund. From the looks of complaints on here, they do this to countless others. This is a blatant violation of Restore Online Shoppers Confidence Act of 2010 and California SB 340, California False Advertising Act.

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