I recently ordered a cell phone and got information back giving a credit score significantly lower than I expected given my excellent payment history and few debts. I was entitled to a free credit report and since it was Experian that gave the low rate I went for the online application. Because I've tried to get the "free credit report" in the past, and encountered hoop after hoop until I gave up I didn't expect this would go well. The first time apparently I answered a historical record about myself incorrectly. They said my identity could not be verified. I know where I lived and when I lived there, so the error is in their records. They asked for photo ID and some other verification. I sent that. They then asked for an increasing and ongoing list of documents in a process that took months.in the end they had copies of birth certificates, drivers licenses, verification of current address, social security card.

I finally wrote a letter stating I found it incomprehensible that I couldn't get my credit report after the repeated sending of document after document that verified my identity. This year I started another online application. They asked about a county I lived in in 2000. I moved out of the county in 1999, I wondered do I answer this correctly or try to guess what they have in their records that is inaccurate. I went for correctness and now the song and dance begins "Identity cannot be verified." I'll call the number and fill out the forms but if it goes like it did last time I will send them document after requested document and still end up with no credit report.

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