I have been fighting a billing problem with Express scripts since June. The bank sent them proof that they paid a bill on 5/4. The amount was for 32.00. Another payment for 32.00 was paid on 8/11. There have also been payments of 16.00 that they have credited me with. I was told in September that I would have to send co[pies of my bank states to an address in Fairfield, Ohio I did this and sent it certified. They received this on9/11. On 10/15 they told me that I had failed to send this even though I had the receipt in front of me. I ask for their complaint department. On 10/16 I sent a detailed 4 page letter to their complaint department. I even included my email address, To this date I have heard nothing from them. They couldn't even send me an email telling me to go to hell. Even that would be an acknowledgement. The first of the week I received an email telling me that my account had been suspended. I called the place that received the statements and they were still telling me that they had not received them. I demanded to speak to someone else and unknown to me they transferred my call to Florida. The lady there did finally ad mit that they had received the packet of statements but all they could find were the 16 and 13 dollar payments that I have been making. I ask her to open the packet and look again as I had drawn a line out to the side of each payment. That is when she informed me that she was in Florida. The phone call I made was to Ohio and if I get billed for one to Florida that will just add fuel to the fire. They act like, just because you are old, they can do anything they want and you will buy into their B. S. I told them my next phone call would be to my attorney. He suggested that I send the two relevant statements one more time and if this does not resolve the issue that we would be suing them for harassment and ask for punitive damages. I hope this resolves this matter. If it dows not I am thouroughly prepared to go to the next level. I may even c0ntact the media and see how Express Scripts likes all of the negative exposure that they get. I wish Tricare would find some other mail order company to go through. But then, Getting through to Tricare is a farce.

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