My husband and I are both on Medicare. He has Humana for his Rx plan and gets his filled at Walmart. He pays $29/mo. With yearly deductible of $300. I have Anthem Blue Cross for my Rx and they use Express Scripts as the mail order pharmacy. I pay about $80/mo., no deductible. We both take Lorazepam, 1mg, 3/day and both get a 3 month (270 tabs) per order. He pays $6 for these 270 tabs with Humana. I would pay $120 for 270 tabs. I don't get any understandable reply when I complain to Anthem. I got a Rx card off the internet and pay $30 plus for the $270 tabs. My husband gets his Rx at Walmart. With the Rx card, I also get my Rx for Lorazepam filled at Walmart. All of my other Rx's are mail order with Express Scripts. I would think this kind of difference in pricing would be illegal!

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