My husband didn't have an online account at Express Scripts. Then his doctor placed a prescription for him, electronically. Because I had an online account and I am on his insurance, Express Scripts assumes it is OK to withdraw money from my linked account for his meds, without telling me, nor him. He is not associated in any way with the account in question — except at Express Scripts he can use it! Officially, according to Express Scripts (I spoke at length with Julie from "Management") this is fine because I am on the same account (that they created in their internal systems) since I am the spouse on his insurance, so therefore they can use info I entered into MY personal online account to pay for HIS purchases without either of our knowledge or consent.

The 2nd time I got charged for his meds, it created an overdraft of my account and that cost me money for a purchase I didn't authorize and didn't know about, for someone who isn't authorized to use that account. Aren't there regulations and laws that prohibit this practice, especially without knowledge and consent? I believe Express Scripts has a problem with how they set up the data structures that track all of this information and Express Scripts does not have a desire to find a way to compliantly separate data that should not be linked from the data that can be linked.

The official "solution" for not getting automatically charged for my husband's meds is (follow me here) for him to create an online account and add his payment method to his account. Now automatically, each of us can see each other's personal payment methods we entered in our separate online accounts and we can choose to pay with our own payment method or the other's. Way to go Express Scripts!

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