My husband has Cystic Fibrosis and on 10/29 his doctor's office called a prescription for Colistimethate into Express Scripts. This is an antibiotic, so obviously it needs to be received on a timely basis. Express Scripts told the hospital that this is a drug which needs to be given intravenously (it's not. CF patients nebulize this drug). Express Scripts indicated that since it needs to be given intravenously they do not cover this medication, they merely provide a discount on it and they want us to pay 1000 per month for it. We have appealed this decision.

The Dr. Office indicated that they appealed this decision on 11/1. It is now 11/6 and we are still waiting to hear a decision on the appeal so we can receive the the meantime, Express Scripts is no longer filling other prescriptions for us. When my husband called today 11/6 to ask why prescriptions were not being filled, he was told that until a decision is made about whether we are accepting delivery of the other drug that is in appeal they will not fill prescriptions. (After he spoke with a manager, they did agree to fill the others that he is waiting for.) However, since the appeal we are waiting on is for an antibiotic, I feel like they should be responding more quickly than they are. Can you help?

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