In October 2015 I put pictures and frames and other odds and ends in a 5×10 temperature controlled storage in Hoover, AL. On Nov. 4,2015 I went to take a plastic tote to my storage and soon as I opened my unit the horrible smell almost knocked me down. When I first rented a unit I could tell that there had been previous water damage and it did not feel as if there was any temp control in the unit. I asked the manager for another unit and asked her if there had been any previous damage and she assured me that there had not. I moved to another unit but I never felt relaxed about leaving anything in the unit but I did because I had no where else to store it.

On Nov. 4 a decorative rug was already damaged and 2 boxes of pictures. This was about 1 pm. I reported it to the manager and she came to take pictures. She immediately gave me another unit two or three buildings away. I was told that I had 24 hours to move everything. There was no way that I could physically move half of the stuff so I ended up having to hire someone to move my things and I paid him $65. The man that moved me told me that I did not cause the problem and Extra Space should at least reimburse me or make a truck available for me to move. Anyway, the next day I called the manager at Extra Space and asked her if they could not charge me on November 6 because I had to move due to their water leak and pay a mover plus I didn't get to go back to work for the rest of the day.

She told me that when they had a leak in the past Extra Space hired a moving company to move the units to other units but they did not reimburse people. I told her that I didn't need to be reimbursed but I shouldn't get my storage free for November. She said that she would ask her boss and get back with me on Friday. I did not hear from her on Friday but I was checking my bank account on Saturday evening and found that Extra Space had deducted rent from my bank account. For two years I had rented from Cool Box storage and I felt confident with them but the pricing had gone up so I had to use Extra Space. I noticed a huge difference from the start. When I rented from Extra Space I explained that I needed a place that I could be assured of no leaks and constant temperature control. I had to ask twice if she was sure that there was air conditioning.

Anyway, the new unit that I have is the same size but you can definitely feel the air conditioning. I felt that the manager wanted to help but I feel the company is cheap and greedy. I do not think that the building I was in had a new roof. I was told that there had been a water leak 7 months before but it was in another building. I feel that I should not have to pay my storage for a month since I paid for my unit and there was water damage due to no fault of mine. I had to take the rest of the day off and pay someone to help move me. I was not offered any help but told that I had to have everything out within 24 hours. If I had it to do over again I would not rent a storage unit from Extra Space and I would tell anyone that I thought was going to use them to pay a little more for a decent place.

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