I don't understand Facebook's seemingly random way of 'warning'/'banning' members for 'inappropriate' use of their services. I complained about offensive, irrelevant, vulgar posts by a known Facebook 'troll'. Facebook did nothing. However, when I notified the page's owner of these comments, they blocked the 'troll' and thanked me for alerting them to the situation. Now I've gotten a warning from Facebook claiming that I violated their 'review' rules. I wasn't sent a copy of said review or given a chance to defend myself. I'm supposed to click on a confirmation icon, which I refuse to do. I'm not going to admit guilt to something without first being given an explanation. Facebook isn't exempt to providing it's members due process because it's on the Internet. There should be a class action filed against these fools. My next step will be filing a complaint with the Attorney General's Office.

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