You guys got it so, I have a camera roll now, I'm very pissed off about that, I believe other's can see my personal photo's from my phone gallery, that isn't cool. I need my photo's, so that when I get enough money I can upload them on real paper and have real photo's like a digital camera. I don't appreciate my business out in the open, I haven't giving Facebook permission to take my personal photo's off my phone and place them on Facebook, I have several photo's I don't want anyone" seeing. So, if Facebook can't explain to me why, and what did they do? Also take it off the roll please, otherwise I'm going to discontinue my Facebook account, that's why why I don't like doing updates, I already have had, identity theft, that someone stole from me. I don't need any drama inside my life, due to those photo's. Those photo's can have my friends and family and me feuding. I have a learning and physical disabilities, I don't need anyone trying to take advantage of me. Period!:- (

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