Hello, I visited one of your stores in the Bronx today store number #06737. I have never experienced such rudness like this the store was filled with boxes all over the aisles making it impossible for one to move with a stroller. When I complined the stock person literally cursed me out as well as the manager she said if you "Mother$! #: whould not come in here and steal [email protected]: then people whould not quit as we customers were being breaded by the female manager the stock boy joined in. She also stated that she had to f&;: up people who stole and she wont mind doing it again. She continued to berate us saying that we come there because we have nothing else to do. This is not the first time I have heard this latino female manager berate her customers I visit the store often and I dont think it is fair for anyone to be treated that way perhaps there needs to be a 360 with management as well as employers. Im not sure if you guys hire these people straight out of rikers or if it is your policy to be rude to customers. Just because the store is in the south Bronx don't mean that the employees have to behave like gutter trash. Perhaps this will not be recognized or looked into. But as a customer I feel there is a way to speak to people. I have done customer service for over 10yrs and I have never used profanity in front of customers.

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