I was recently at your family dollar located in the 3500 block of Reading Road I was trying to Cash out using coupons and the cashier couldn't get them to go through so she asked miss Sharon could she help her either void or put the coupons in for her and Sharon ignored her so I asked Sharon could she help her so I can purchase my stuff and leave and she also ignored me so I ask if she can just void the stuff that the coupons wouldn't go through on and she just continued to act as if no one was talking to her then when I decided to leave and said that I was going to call corporate she started getting confratational talking about she don't care and all types of stuff and if she suppose to be the management why couldn't she help her employee with the situation instead of trying to argue with the customer and I have experience her having a nasty attitude more than once and if this is what Family Dollar represent I will just carry my business some where else poor customer service and disrespectful management

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