My children and I went to the Family Dollar on Glenway Road today in Cincinnati Ohio going to purchase a princess tambourine for my 10 month old when I got up to the register there was no cashier there we actually had to motion to her that we were ready she tried to discipline my 3 year old by telling her to get off the candy she had her foot on it dead stopped in front of the counter and then when she rang up my merchandise she said oh I can't sell this to you I was actually getting ready to destroy it because it cost a penny and we can't sell it so I said to her will can we not just purchase it it was like a dollar and it was back there in the packaging I know I'm sorry I'm just doing my job as she's trying to literally pull apart the tambourine for my baby when I raise my voice as she says don't raise your voice to me over her trying to break this in front of my baby she tells me she's going to call the police after I asked her multiple times you know what just give me your corporate number just give me the corporate number saying she was going to call them when in fact she called up this larger black man on earth I was her boyfriend whomever he was claiming he was lost prevention and she was just doing her job and he could not sell that to us I said your job is to destroy merchandise in front of a baby then I wanted to purchase it for like how ridiculous is that tell me they were going to call the police on me if I didn't get out of there store refusing still to give me the corporate number when I went outside with my children did the man come out two minutes later and threaten me telling me what I should say when I called corporate. Yet again not giving me the corporate number. We purchased nothing in your store today nor will we ever be back and we will tell everyone we know what happened in that story was very uncalled for. How can somebody just say that they are going to destroy something when it's for a child and rip it break it whatever up in front of that child. And refused to sell it if it's the last of that merchandise and I'm sure they work there long enough to where they know how much it cost they could have given it to us for the price that it cost yet again if something has a price it rings up then why can't we get it for that. But it doesn't really matter of penny a dollar to dollars it was for my baby and I was given your company business I was contributing to her being able to be an employee to her being able to get a paycheck and pay for her children. I need someone to call me back on this matter as soon as possible

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