My sister and I stopped at the family dollar on 900 west and south temple here in salt lake city utah. It was 9:25 pm when we entered the store and the cashier informed us that we had 15 min till the store closed but when I called they had told me that they closed at 10:00 pm. So we continued to find the item we had came for witch was one of the dancing christmas trees that are like a stuffed animal. But when we push the button to make sure it worked we were told by the employee at the check stand NOT TO PLAY WITH THE TOYS I'm sorry but I just wanted to make sure it worked before making my purchase. Do to the RUDE treatment at this store I will no longer shop there and my sister said the same it was uncalled for. And if this employee treats other shoppers the way she did us I don't see this store having much Success. Also when we left without buying anything and checked the time it wasn't even 9:45pm yet so I guess this employee is closing your store early as well. I thought you should know how customers are treated by your employees representing your business. We didn't get her name but she has shoulder lainth blond wavy hair.

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