If I could give them a negative star I would! I went in and asked for highlighted color and showed all four of the women what I wanted. They all said it would work and would take about 2 and half hours to do. They said it would cost me 90.00. So since I haven't went to a salon to have my hair done in about 8 years I decided to do it. Wrong mistake! First the lady that did my hair spoke negatively about others in the shop and using profane words while working on my hair. Telling customers that she worked on that she had a salon at home and would do it cheaper. She totally messed up my hair and then said she should have charged me another 150.00 What in the world! It took over 4 hours and it is still messed up. I look NOTHING like what i asked for Iam ORANGE all over with White patches throughout my head! She only foiled the top of my head even though i was quoted 90.00 for the whole head! I went in around 3 or so and was the last person in the shop. It still looks so horrible. when my husband came to pick me up (he's been going there for 15 years that's the only reason I went there) his face was nothing but horror and utter disbelief. I ended up paying her 120.00 for something I cried about all night… I went back the next day to ask if they could fix it, not trying to get anything free I would have paid but the manager told me pretty much to wear it like it is or to go home and dye it dark if I didn't like it. They are so RUDE and do not have any customer service skills at ALL!! The way they treated me I will definitely continue to let people know about how this shop runs. If you value your hair go to a different shop to get your hair done.

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