My parents have owned and used Ferrellgas for over 35 years. Once was AmeriGas whom Ferrellgas purchased. The tank was original with the house. So many of my friends had owned their tanks allowing them to get competitive rates in the gas market. Ferrell had monopolized the area for decades making customers pay the price they were asking. My parents were on a auto-fill plan which is an OK way of doing things, but I wanted more control of how and when the tank was filled so I called and had the auto-fill cancelled and went on will call, supposedly agreed upon. I requested a price on the used tank (over 35 yrs old) and they came back with a 500.00 price, and they indicated that was paid in full price.

I told them next month I'd be buying it to avoid the 1.25 per gallon charge for renting a week, they filled the tank to the max from an 1/2 empty state which was almost 900.00 after tax and fees. Since I had taken the account off of the level pay to get rid of the auto-fill, they sent me a bill of the balance owed on the auto-fill and the new charges that were around 1500.00. Mad about it I called and complained and they told me tough luck that I shouldn't of changed the account and it was my fault. And I asked them why they filled the tank when I was off of auto-fill and they said it was an error on their end.

I asked them to remove the gas they had put in and credit my bill and they said they would for $350.00, and they would have to empty the whole tank and I'd lose my balance of gas of 250 gallons. So I just paid the bill and told them to cancel the account altogether. I called again to get the price on the tank and the new price was around 650 with tax. So I paid it and they sent me a bill of sale in my father's name, not mine. 2 years later, they called my father by Collections for a 46.00 bill balance for something we don't know for because the bill was paid in full and the tank was paid in full. Many requests to return to them, but no bill, no past due notice, no call. This to me is dirty business and I will never go back to them.

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