I have a 5/3 auto loan… I was two months behind and was going to make a payment on 11/5/15. My car was illegally repossessed on 11/4/15 without receiving a letter from 5/3 of repossession.in the State of Maryland they are required to provide a certified or registered letter 10 days prior to repossession, since they did not provide me with a letter by law I do not have to pay the repossession expenses. They stated they tried contacting me. I told them I went thru my Verizon Wireless phone bill and there were no phone numbers that were from 5/3 and they also said they sent me multiple letters which is another lie and after spending 3 hours on the phone with multiple people today.

I was lied to multiple times and told different stories multiple times and given the run around. I also was rudely spoken today, yelled at etc. I will find a way to pay this loan off sooner than later and for anyone reading this do not ever use 5/3 they have no policies on how their loans work. But I assured them of the law in the State of Maryland. I will never ever use or recommend 5/3 to anyone.

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