I wanted to send money to a friend of mine in Ethiopia. I've done this several times at currency exchanges and have always been charged $20 to do so. I was in Indianapolis when I needed to do this, and after bad experiences at two stores which do wire transfers, I went to Fifth Third Bank. I was told by the teller that she could not quote me a fee until she put in the transaction. Already fed up with wasting so much time, I agreed. It took her another 15-20 minutes to get the transaction set-up. By this point I was beyond frustrated. She said the fee would be $65!!!

Since there were no currency exchanges in the area, I felt stuck and agreed. But between her treatment, time amount of time it took to do the transaction and that outrageous cost, I WILL NEVER STEP INSIDE A FIFTH THIRD BANK AGAIN! I felt like I was not only given very poor service, but taken advantage of with that insane surcharge that Fifth Third Bank was charging! At a currency exchange, the service takes about 2 minutes! This experience literally made me want to write this complaint and avoid Fifth Third Bank completely in the future, and never go to them for ANYthing!

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