So I got approved for a loan from this bank 3 years ago. After a year or so of having them and having my checking account elsewhere decided to put everything at one bank. The employees at my local branch were friendly and I figured a bank is a bank just make my life easier and everything in one spot. Their online banking system is absolutely awful!!! It's never accurate or up to date. I check it all the time out of habit, and there are times where I look at it and new fees or things have been added to last week that weren't there yesterday and things like that. How am I supposed to budget my money or know what I really have accessible when they process things so slowly and I didn't know they took money out for whatever excuse because it wasn't there last week or yesterday but now it is.

Now my account isn't what I thought and I don't care how much money you make or who you are, I want to know where my money is at all times. I plan on closing my checking account with them and I need to also transfer the remainder due on my loan to somewhere else from everything I have read. I would never recommend this bank to even my worst enemy. Scamming can't do math.

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