First American Home Buyers Protection came with the purchase of my house. It is relatively easy to submit a claim, and you can do it online or call them on the phone. For the most part, a lot of my experiences are good but I've got a couple of bad experiences with them. One was with the plumber. When I first bought my house, someone came and walked in the house and then he walked out and did nothing. He said that one of my toilets wasn't properly installed which makes absolutely no sense. What it turned out was the wax ring on the thing. It was just a totally bad experience, and I've had a couple of experiences as far as contractors not really responding in a timely fashion. Then there are other things such as I had to pay extra for little things. I always add on for things like washer, dryer and other things. Just like everything else, everything starts off as a good buy.

I'm happy with them. My experience has been very positive 80% of the time and 20% as being less than positive, but it has a lot more to do with the contractors. Some of the contractors are a little shady. They tend to only cover certain things and I've had this on two occasions. They didn't cover certain things and they'll come in and say they got this deal that they're going to give you. What the contractor was trying to sell me was not what I needed. They were just really trying to do an upsell. I ran into some good ones, too. I'd put it that 30% are a little shady, the 70% were good.

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