I submitted two claims on the same day to First American. First one was for the garage door – that went well. The guy showed up on time and was ready to handle whatever the problem became. Before long, he was on his way having the problem resolved. The other claim was not good at all. I've had some claims over the 10 years I've been with First American that were not so bad but this last one seemed like nobody was on the same page as me.

I asked them to remove a contractor company and in some way they all act like they couldn't do that. I was so disgruntled with the contractor company and their work ethics. Their work ethics did not meet my standards as a consumer. Nonetheless I was forced to deal with them and even in the end, I was not pleased. I believe First American allowed the contractor to solicit me for their services almost to the point where it seemed like it was forced on me, and so now not only do I have an agreement with First American but I literally pay that AC company some kind of price every month to do the maintenance on AC.

But I have not seen them. They've not come down to do that maintenance on spring and when season changes when they said they would. They tend to move to try to circumvent some circumstances from popping up and that's how they sold me their bill of goods based out of my information to First American. Then one of the young ladies slagged that company out that they would never send them to me again.

So my last experience with First American Home was not good but since I've been with them for 10 years, I can't count it against the value of First American Home. Like last night, I was speaking to a friend of mine who developed a plumbing issue last weekend and he was telling me he was with American Shield, and that he was having difficulty getting with some sort of bidding. So if I was going to compare First American to what I've heard, I would definitely say First American is good. But I do suggest for them to check their sub-contractors a little better because their service is like of a sub-standard company that was sent to my house to do work.

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