I would not recommend this company to anyone. We recently had a problem one morning where our shower would not turn off.in addition we were also unable to shut off the main water supply in our home to fix the shower because of a locking nut installed by our irrigation company. Therefore, we had a running shower and no way to turn it off. We needed a plumber ASAP. We decided to contact First American for help. They found a plumber, a plumber that couldn't get out to our home for at least 6-8 hours. When we explained to First American that wouldn't work and our emergency needed more immediate attention they were unwilling to work with us.

They explained that their policy only requires service within 24 hours. We were forced to find a plumber on our own. When we asked if we could have that reimbursed, they refused according to their 24-hour policy. They failed to see that some emergencies are higher priority than others. Their customer service technicians were abrasive. Lastly, their automated systems were incredibly frustrating to navigate around. Save yourself the headache and look elsewhere.

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